Check out what people are saying about ‘Heartstrings’

Check out what people are saying about ‘Heartstrings’

I have been overwhelmed by the response to Heartstrings since it’s release! Heartstrings has been featured on blogs such as American Songwriter, Free Bike Valet, and Tuneage among many others!

Here’s a list of the blogs that have featured Heartstrings, there are reviews, interviews and write-ups by me!

“No name immediately comes to mind when trying to think of a comparison for Alanna Clarke which I believe is a testament to her unique qualities as a songwriter and force to be reckoned with within the pop realm.” – Under The Gun Review

A Music Blog, Yea?



Under The Gun Review

American Songwriter

Fresh Independence

I Heart Moosiq

Mostly Junkfood

The Vinyl District

Wonky Sensitive



The Maroon Cafe

Free Bike Valet

Thank you so much to each and every blog that featured Heartstrings!

– Alanna

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